From the Front line – 15/5/14

Johnny Gets A Side Parting

Johnny Gets A Side Parting

It's 6 days until opening night at the Southwark Playhouse.

We've had two stagger-throughs of the whole show, which, happily, were more of a walk than a stagger. Not a sprint yet.

This week is about intricacies, finishing touches and period details. So I have a side parting. Joy! And I'm expecting my boots in the next day or so...

We'll also be inviting some almost-complete-strangers into our midst to watch a run this week; just to make sure the story actually makes sense. A rehearsal room with only three people gets very insular after a while and it's easy to lose perspective. These peoples' thoughts and understandings will help us regain that perspective.

Producers are producing, sound and lighting designers are designing, the director's directing and I'm... well, I'm sweating. It's hot in this rehearsal room and I do an awful lot of flinging myself about: worth the ticket price alone, I reckon.

Lookout for some previews from national newspapers this week, and next time we talk (we're not talking, I know that. I don't even know who we is. I'm just talking at you. I'm not even talking. I'm typing...) next time I type at you it shall be PRODUCTION WEEK. Gulp.'