'Goods get damaged all the time. Wouldn’t want to spoil the cargo, now, would we?'

Arcola Theare, 6 July - 6 August 2016 


This timely world premiere is a tense and provocative thriller that reveals how much people are willing to risk in search of a better life.

A group of exiles sit in the dark of a container ship smuggling them into another land. But where have they come from? And who are they? As they journey ever closer to their destination in the hope of finding a future, they question what awaits them on the other side, and if those who pose the greatest threat to their safety might be locked amongst them.

Cargo is the enthralling new play from author and playwright Tess Berry-Hart (Someone to Blame, Sochi 2014). Directed by Evening Standard Award nominee David Mercatali (Little Light, Radiant Vermin, Johnny Got His Gun).



Writer - Tess Berry-Hart

Director - David Mercatali

Designer - Max Dorey

Lighting Designer - Christopher Nairne

Sound Designer - Max Pappenheim



Debbie Korley

Jack Gouldbourne

John Schwab

Milly Thomas


CargoTorch(Halfway)(1) (1)