'An intense, raw and compelling piece of  theatre'

The Telegraph


FIESTA is the tale of Jake, an American writer living in 1920's Paris. Obsessed with bullfighting, he shares a giddy social life with expat novelist Robert Cohn. The arrival of the irresistible Lady Brett Ashley, a mysterious figure from Jake’s traumatic past, will turn Jake’s world upside down.

Featuring a stellar ensemble of actors paired with explosive live jazz act Trio Farouche, free flowing booze, dynamic choreography, and a contemporary design take on the sexy 20's, this bold production saw the novel''s sensual, kinetic beauty and its brutal, raw subtext transported onto an intimate stage.


Producers - George Warren (Metal Rabbit), Phil Munger & Jorg Tittel (Oiffy).

Director - Alex Helfrecht

Writer - Alex Helfrecht with Sam Snape, based on the novel by Ernest Hemingway

Designer  - Rachel Noel

Lighting Designer - Christopher Nairne

Choreographer - Sonja Perreten


Brett - Josie Taylor

Jake - Gideon Turner

Pedro - Jack Holden

Robert - Jye Frasca

With live music from Trio Farouche.



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